• Minimum Fare: £6.00 up to 2 miles
  • Then £2.50 per mile thereafter
  • Excludes Mon-Fri 7am-9am & Fri/Sat 10pm-4am
  • Waiting time: first 5 minutes free.
  • Additional drops - no charge.



AirportSaloon X 4 PassengersMPV XL 6 PassengersStationsSaloon X 4 PassengersMPV XL 6 Passengers
City Airport£20.00£28Victoria Station£15£22
London Heathrow Terminal 1£40.00£60.00Waterloo Station£13.00£19.00
London Heathrow Terminal 2£40.00£60.00Kings cross Station£12.00£18.00
London Heathrow Terminal 3£40.00£60.00St Pancras Station£13.00£18.00
London Heathrow Terminal 4£40.00£60.00Euston Station£13.00£19.00
London Heathrow Terminal 5£45.00£65.00Paddington Station£20.00£27.00
Gatwick Airport£55.00£75.00Leicester Square£15.00£22.00
Stanstead Airport£55.00£75.00Piccadilly circus£15.00£22.00
Luton Airport£55.00£75.00Oxford Circus£15.00£22.00


All major cards are accepted, A small fee is applicable on all prices when pay by debit or credit card. These prices are from E1, E2, EC2, EC3 and surrounding areas of Aldgate, City, Liverpool Street, Old Street and Moorgate. All of the above prices are cash only unless otherwise agreed with Ur-Ride minicab.